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In the early 50's, brick barbecue pits and grills were common in the backyards. Recently, they have come back in favor and plans to build a barbecue pit and some modern plans are being worked out to build pits from sheet metal or barrels. It is possible to build a barbecue on your own. A simple "Do It Yourself" process could be:

1. Measure a rectangular plot of 40" x 56" and dig a pit at least 8" below ground and level the area.

2. Lay 2" bed of gravel on the pit floor. Mix dry mortar with water and spread 2" thick circular layer around the edge of the gravel.

3. While the mortar is wet, smooth the surface with a trowel. Lay a single roll of flat cinder blocks on the perimeter, leveling each block as you go.

4. As the mortar dries fill the center hole with dirt, spread fresh mortar on top of the cinder blocks and smooth.

5. Spread little mortar on the brick and lay horizontally along the outer edge of the cinder block.

6. Tap them into place towards the outside. Scrap off any excess mortar. Keep the wall of the pit even.

7. Build the inner wall using the same method.

8. Add second layer of bricks, changing the pattern.

9. Insert metal braces for the grill in the mortar, build a final layer of bricks on top.

10. Let it dry overnight. Place the grill on top of the metal braces.

The building a of homemake smoker is nothing to be ashamed of. Some of the best smokers for the local neighborhood chef or the winner of the National Smoker Cookoff, use homemade smokers.

The handmade smokers are generally metal pipe that is welded into different configerations to provide the desired heat and smoke in the cooking chamber that can be controlled.

Smokers are actually pretty basic devices. They generate smoke and heat in controlled portions while giving you the space and versatility you need to smoke whatever you want. The basic idea is to have two areas in your smoker. One area is where heat creates smoke and the necessary temperatures to do your cooking while the other area hold the food in a temperature controlled, smoky environment. The vents and connections between these spaces provide the airflow necessary to keep the heat and smoke traveling while avoiding an excess of smoke that can make food bitter.

There are readymade barbecue pits with all the necessities. It has necessities to regulate smoke and temperature and water can be used for moist heat. There is a heat-treated glass porthole for seeing what is smoking. Cleaning the glass is easy with glass doors. A sliding drip pan is easy for cleaning. These are long lasting and durable. A 110-Volt slow driven gearbox with constant rotisserie creates slow roasting smoking or cooking.

There is available at hardware stores a take home the much popular rotisserie barbecue pit, which comes with a smoker and is available in different shapes and sizes. A special feature about rotisserie pit smoker is that the front doors are recessed to keep smoke from rolling into the face of the person serving the food. It has a full-length cooking chamber allowing consistent heat to cook the food perfectly. It has intake vents to keep embers from burning the meat. Rotisserie barbecue pit smokers have electric motors capable of dealing with lots of meat on the trays and this is the special feature, which makes it the best for you, if you intend to buy one. Another feature are its rotating shelves. The advantage being the need to constantly turn the meat is not required. A thermometer helps to monitor the heat in the cooking chamber. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact why barbecue lover look for rotisserie barbecue pit smokers.

Now, it has to be decided, whether to undertake a Do-It-Yourself barbecue pit project or get one readymade barbecue pit with all the necessities. There is nothing like good cookout in the summer and a Built-in BBQ Pit or smoker will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

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